For screen printing of anodised aluminium with open pores. Screen printing paste with intense colouring for high-quality screen printing in anodised aluminium base plates.


  • Immediately ready for use

  • High dye content

  • Also suitable for intense colours of less deep anodised skins

  • Available in 10 basic colours and 13 mixing colours

  • Interchangeable colours

  • Colours can be cut with PoroPrint Transparent

  • Shelf life: 2 years, if properly sealed

PoroPrint transparent

Transparent screen printing paste to lighten the tint of colours. Shelf life: 2 years, if properly sealed.

PoroClean cleaning agent

Solvent to clean the printed plates after sealing. Shelf life: 2 years, if properly sealed.

Sealing Salt

Liquid that serves as a buffer to the acidity of the seal water. Add to the ratio: 3 gr / litre of seal water. Shelf life: 1 year.

PolyChromal INKS

Polychromal inks ensure razor sharp and colourful images/impressions. All inks are optimally matched to the anodised aluminium base plates supplied by Polychromal, through which long lasting colourful and durable prints are realized. The inks are supplied for both inkjet and the screen printing process. Thanks to the different packaging volumes, collection can be fully tailored to your requirements.