LS 251D

Leeb Hardness Tester

Dual-coil technology
Extraordinary accuracy:±6HL
Perfect for quick and reliable testing on site


The ability of a material to locally resist hard objects pressing into its surface is called hardness, which is an index to measure the softness and hardness of a material. Based on the principle of Leeb hardness measurement principle, LS251D Leeb Hardness Tester can detect the hardness of a variety of metal materials. It adopts advanced digital probe technology, and the digital signal processing is completed directly on the probe which means that the probe is not easy to be disturbed and provides excellent accuracy. The orientation sensors inside the probe will compensate the measurement errors in different impact directions automatically to ensure the accurate data. Providing a variety of hardness scales , such as Leeb scale (HL), Vickers scale (HV), Brinell scale (HB), Shore scale (HS), Rockwell scale (HRA/HRB/HRC), and they can make a mutual conversion to avoid cumbersome manual calculation. Besides the hardness, the instrument can measure the strength of the materials. The practical value of using LS251D Leeb Hardness Tester for hardness testing lies in its incomparable portable characteristics that bring users a perfect experience.