DuraTEC 400

Easy to use phosphate free pretreatment product that will produce superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance to mild steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum substrates. It offers the potential for savings based on its long bath lives as well as its low operating temperatures.

CAT Approval High Performance


DuJel 200 is an acid gel with an encapsulated mineral acid base which is less corrosive than comparable mineral acids. The viscosity of the product provides excellent vertical cling and adherence to most hard surfaces, allowing for prolonged exposure of the cleaner to targeted soils and superior cleaning. It is used to remove calcium carbonate and other mineral acid scales, as well as flash rusting.

Rust Prevent SYN 3X

Rust Prevent SYN 3-X is a highly concentrated synthetic, oil free corrosion inhibitor used to protect ferrous metals between stages of production. Rust Prevent SYN 3-X will protect for approximately 30 days indoor storage and / or while in shipment. Rust Prevent SYN 3-X is very low foaming allowing it to be applied by a variety of methods including a re-circulating spray washer, immersion and dip applications


DuBois CDL-2848 synthetic high-temperature chain lubricant is a unique blend of polyolesters and select lubricant additives. CDL-2848 can lubricate high-temperature oven chains up to 450°F. Fluid viscosity is SAE 30 grade. CDL-2848 minimizes carbon buildup, substantially superior to petroleum which carbonizes at 200° to 250°F. Chain startup using CDL-2848 will be easy as indicated by a high viscosity index (VI), assuring low viscosity at room temperature.